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I have not been creating much content for you recently, other than client newsletters.  All good reasons; I am working with some news clients plus increasing my contracts with several other clients, which is awesome.  The other big reason is I’m in the process of redeveloping a new website for Zip Media.  I learned some new things that have worked for my clients so I am taking my own advice on my website.

I’ve got some incredible content, images and multi-media for the new site.  I have some adjustments and enhancements I need to make before it launches.

In the mean time if you have any questions please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



May Newsletter for Teddi Ann Barry PC

This is the May Newsletter for Teddi Ann Barry that I created.

Topics included are What are you DUI- ing?  Driving under the influence with children in the car.

3 Reasons not to Facebook during a Divorce.

5 Approaches to your Divorce

I am able to create newsletters for any client with timely, relevant content.  This newsletter contained information about a number of topics that did come up in the news or with clients a week prior to creating the newsletter.

As of July 15th, Teddi Ann Barry has received a number of calls from the newsletter and has secured several clients.  It’s worth it to your business to communicate with your clients as often as you can.

If you have any questions please contact me anytime.

Summer Camp Photo

This is the newsletter Zip Media created for The Parents Handbook to inform clients and potential prospects about the quickly approaching summer.  Marketing a business in the summer at a resort community is crucial to a businesses continued success and existence.  Off season marketing helps businesses prepare for the summer season because visitors are making their summer travel plans now and the more information included the better for all businesses.

The Parents Handbook understands this so it works to have their print publications and a website up to date in the spring to help promote the summer business of it’s clients.

The clients are also readers so Summer Camp and event information needed to be provided as well.

The Summer Camp and Activities Expo already happened but the vendors and their information is available to anyone who goes to the website.  The newsletter made it easy for them.

Spring events for a resort community are incredibly important since not everyone gets the opportunity to go out of town for 2 months until summer season steps up.  Putting select events in the newsletter but sending readers to the website so they could see all the details was also important for readers and The Parents Handbook.

The Parents Handbook also made some big changes with the Vail issues so the details of those changes were important to all the sales people.

If you are looking for someone to help you create your companies newsletters, please email or call me at 720-933-8117.

To review the entire newsletter 

The Parents Handbook website

Shamrock Image

March Newsletter for Teddi Ann Barry PC was a lot of fun to put together.  Since many people receive newsletters from various individuals and businesses, we attempted to create an interesting and intriguing newsletter that related to subjects or areas of practice handled by Teddi Ann Barry PC.  It’s amazing to see how law ebbs and flows with the seasons!

The articles in the March Newsletter….

5 Shades of Green involved with Divorce

Spring Break- Questions about parenting time.

#1 question about parenting time.

The 5 shades article is a small play off of 50 of Gray.

There is also an Irish Blessing that Teddi Ann loves.

If you have any questions about how I can help you create newsletters please contact me.

February Newsletter for Teddi Ann Barry

Teddi Ann Barry sq

Teddi Ann Barry PC February Newsletter 

The February newsletter includes information about Teddi Ann Barry.  Here new office in Avon/Vail and in Denver.  Plus the addition of Amber Mooney her new assistant.

Two main articles from the newsletter

1.  Where is the Love

2.  The 4 V’s of Mediation

I designed the newsletter for Teddi Ann Barry esq.  We put one together each month trying to use a theme and an element of her practice that she wants to showcase.

All the articles are available on her blog and link from the newsletter to the blog.

If you have any questions about creating newsletters please let me know how I can help you create your newsletters.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Struggling for a new Valentine’s Day idea? How about a mountain life style idea?

The big heart holiday stresses people out. It’s supposed to be fun, an event to get excited about and a way to spend a little extra time with your sweetheart. Complaints about commercialism, the pressure, high cost and crowdedness of professing your love are plentiful.

Forget the negative and focus on a winter wonderland experience, incorporate the mountain life style and spark a little heat for you and your partner.

Stuffed in every Vail locals storage spaces are backpacks, small camping stoves, pots, stuff sack sleeping bag, head lamps, hand warmers and snow shoes. Unusual for the love holiday, but stay with me, because this is the perfect situation to air out these summer items and have an amazing holiday.

Next on the agenda is a trip to the grocery and liquor stores. It’s crucial to fill the backpack with proper supplies necessary for this outdoor adventure. Your list could include strawberries, organic chocolate bars, some of the nicer cheeses like Edam, Blue or Gouda. Other excellent additions are Sabra Hummus, corn chips or rice crackers, carrots, celery or red peppers. These are my back pack treats but choose your favorites.

A good bottle of bubbly is essential. Sofia Sparkling Wine is my favorite lately, thanks to my friend Dionne. It does fit nicely into any larger camelback like the “hawg.”

Assemble the pack, slip into your warmest ski clothes, grab your snow shoes and head to Vail Mountain. Park in the Lionshead structure and make your way to the Gondola. The gondola is free in the evening so enjoy the ride to the top of Vail Mountain. Even at night the views on Vail Mountain are gorgeous.

Once on top, your destination is the Gazebo, a short distance from the Lionshead gondola. Upon exiting Eagle’s Nest gondola building, move to the left onto the snow. The path you will take is a groomed cat track heading up towards chair 2. It will take anywhere from 15-20 minutes at a slow pace to get there.

This Valentine’s Day night doesn’t fall on a full moon but the light bouncing up from the snow will illuminate your path to the gazebo. Use your head lamp for extra light. The gazebo has a picnic table and it’s away from the lights of Eagle’s Nest, giving you a fresh, quiet, serene feeling of Vail Mountain. The Holy Cross Mountain Range plus the city lights of Avon and Edwards will spread across the horizon like a large canvas hanging above the fireplace.

The hike will get your blood pumping and keep you warm. Sitting down, the chill will set in but cozy up to your loved one and wrap up in the sleeping bag for cuddly warmth.

Set up the camping stove, assemble the snacks, crack the bottle of sparkling wine, melt the chocolate and send the strawberries swimming.

At night, Vail Mountain is shrouded in a blanket of peaceful silence. The fresh air is invigorating and tingles your senses. The bonus of good company, a tasty drink and chocolate creates a memorable experience.

Skiing at Beaver Creek

Skiing at Beaver Creek

I took my own suggestion and decided to ski Beaver Creek last Saturday for the opportunity to eat free chocolate chip cookies and drink free champagne. On a previous post, I explained 9 Free things to do in Vail and Beaver Creek and free cookies was on the list, my turn to enjoy. I invited a friend and off we went for a beautiful day in Beaver Creek.

“The Beav” referred to by the locals, is smaller in skiable terrain than Vail but has 4 festive, apres ski restaurants all located slope side.  Plus, a secret ski section called Bachelors Gulch.

Accessing Bachelors Gulch requires an easy track across the mountain top. After a few runs down to the Ritz Chair, I was surprised by the amount of snow on the runs with only a few icy spots. This is incredible, considering the lack of snow falling from the sky.

The reason the slopes of Bachelor’s Gulch are often good, is the runs face east/north-ish, which prevents the snow from melting and refreezing. These runs are groomed everyday for the homeowners and the Ritz guests. This slice of good skiing is mostly green and blue runs so if you seek more vertical, ski Grouse Mountain area.

Several laps down to the Ritz Chair, my friend and I were tempted to go relax, sip wine, eat a hamburger and listen to the live music on their huge patio. But, the free cookie and champagne taunted us back to Beaver Creek Village. The atmosphere on the patio was infectious and the brilliant sunshine added to the outdoor ambiance. Next time that will be our apres spot.

We reluctantly skied back to Beaver Creek Village. At this time of the year, the sun stays above the peaks until about 4:45, so we skied early and caught the warm sun shining on the Hyatt fire pit.

The Hyatt has oversized, fluffy cushioned, chairs your tired body can sink into. The fire pit is perfect for a little cock-tailing and excellent people watching.

We did enjoy the Hyatt but not until we got our free cookies at 3:00 pm and then lingered on the Chop House Deck for the free champagne. My friend and I had a wonderful day in Beaver Creek.

Fresh Powder in the Back bowls of Vail- Living the Black diamond Life

Fresh Powder in the Back bowls of Vail- Living the Black Diamond Life

“You are either a green circle or a black diamond” is a phrase that can be used in everyday conversation and with an impact.  Listed below are examples.

Unfamiliar with the ski run rating system, a green circle is the easiest run, blue square is for intermediate, the black diamond for advanced and the double black diamond for experts. Black Diamond skiing and Living a Black Diamond Life are impressive accomplishments.

How to use the phrase “you are either a green circle or a black diamond” in everyday conversation.

Example 1: You and your peeps are at Vendettas Bar having a drink, the beverages are getting dangerously low and debate is sparked whether a new drink is needed. Appropriately, your compadre says, “We need to decide if we are green circles or a black diamond!” Awwwww. The decision is made to be black diamonds and along comes another round of drinks.

Example 2: You and your girlfriends are shopping for new ski jackets. Your friend steps out of the dressing room curled up in a black, puffy jacket. It makes her look “solid” in the mid section, covers her bum with no interesting features. She asks “what do you think?” As a woman, what you want to say and what you are going to say matter a great deal. This is the perfect time to say, “You can either look like a green circle or be a black diamond.” Well played! She knows the jacket’s not flattering or interesting, you didn’t hurt her feelings and she is aware she needs to choose something for the black diamond.

Example 3: Your job is boring and annoying but you get paid well. You have dreams of embarking on new challenges but the security and autonomy at your current job keeps you tied to it. You mention to your spouse your feelings. As the supportive, significant other, they look you straight in the face and ask, “Would you rather be a green circle or a black diamond?” It takes a second for the comment to register and you realize it’s time for happiness not just safety.

Example 4: Your friend is in a dating dilemma. She’s been dating Mr. Nice, Looks good on Paper, Not much Chemistry. She asks you should the relationship continue because he’s everything she’s wanted from a man. As a good friend, you choose not to tell her what to do but give her some options, “You can choose the safe green circle or a smoldering black diamond” She smiles and responds “I think I’ll go with a smoldering black diamond.”

Example 5: You need a new pair of skis. Your buddies refer to you as the green circle and you’re tired of the crap. You step into a Vail ski shop and your enthusiasm is crushed by the number of options. Racks after racks of skis are suffocating you with their width and length. Every shape, style, width and design is available. The sales rep offers assistance, but your paralysis After observing your face the sales rep leads you to the “green circle” skis where they are less expensive, skied once a year and for flat landers. You look back at the kick-ass, wide under foot, wild design section and a tear comes to your eye. This is where you need to “buck up” and turn to the sales rep and say, “Look pal, I’m not a green circle, I’m a black diamond.” Understanding your comment the sales rep leads you back to the awesome shiny toy section!

“You are either a green circle or a black diamond,” can be used in every day conversation.

Enjoy the Black Diamond life!


Wecmrd January Newsletter


Western Eagle County Metropolitan District January newsletter.

This is a link to the newsletter I created for WECMRD.

It contains images and information designed for members.

Photo by Katie Kukar

The Back Bowls of Vail Mountain

Yes, you read correctly, 9 Free things in Vail and Beaver Creek! When living the Black Diamond life in Vail you learn these fabulous tips, very quickly.

1. At 3:00 pm every ski day, at the base of Beaver Creek Ski area, a posse of cookie fairies wearing white chefs hats, wander around passing out fresh out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are piled high on trays, just look for people of all ages scampering toward a white hat. It’s definitely worth skiing to the bottom for this tasty treat.

2.Parking in the Vail and Lionshead parking structures is free after 3 pm every day. A perfect opportunity to shop, get a bite to eat or meet up with friends for apres ski in the main Vail Village and Lionshead.

Note: If by chance you enjoy a few too many cocktails at apres or dinner, leave your car in the parking structure, take a cab home. The next day, get back to the parking structures before 11:00am, go to either of the info booths, located on the top level of each parking structure and let the attendant know you left your car overnight. They will give you a pass to get your vehicle out for free because you made a responsible decision.

3.  Ride the Gondola for free after 3:00 pm. This is if you are on foot, if you have ski’s or a board in your possession you will have to pay. This is a perfect opportunity for the non-skier and friends to ride to the top of Vail Mountain and take in the amazing views. There are plenty of activities at Adventure Ridge and the restaurant, Bistro 14 is open to the public but that requires you to dip into your wallet.

Vail Mountain Information

4.  Free granola bars! Step into the ticket offices in Vail and Lionshead and you will find a basket of free granola bars from Nature Valley. Trust me, the lift ticket sales people will be happy if take them, at this time in the ski season they are over eating granola bars.

5.  Colorado Ski Museum is free to enter. On the third level of the Vail Parking structure, just under the info booth is the Colorado Ski Museum. The entrance faces the main Vail Village as you exit the parking structure and head down the stairs. The museum is devoted to the history of skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. The knowledgeable staff is excited to share interesting stories and tidbits about Colorado Ski history. There is a gift shop located inside the museum and they make perfect gifts. After wandering through the museum I stopped in the gift shop and purchased a vintage, framed photo of ladies skiing for my mother and a satellite photo of Vail Mountain for my dad. So, the museum is free but you might spend some money on the way out! Ski Museum

7.  Free Bus System in Vail. Leave your cars at home and ride our free bus system within the town of Vail. The bus will take you from one end of the town to the other. Sit back, relax and let other people get you to where you need to go. Town of Vail

8. Sparkle and Pop on Friday Night, Sebastian Hotel in Vail. Sample some sparkling wine and white chocolate covered popcorn in The Library, located in the lobby of the Sebastian. This gives the guests at the hotel and people who like the Sebastian an opportunity to mingle and meet new people. This is a personal favorite. The Sebastian

9. Nature Valley Free Family Snowshoe Tours in Beaver Creek Ski Area. This takes place on Tuesday’s 4:00 to 5:30. Tours start at the Beaver Creek Nordic Sports Center, base of the Strawberry Park Chairlift #12. The tours are for kids and families, ages 6 on up. Get a complimentary cookies and hot chocolate when you return. A little history and a guide for exceptional fun. Beaver Creek Activities

10. Thursday night lights in Beaver Creek. This is a Glow stick, ski down, set to music with a grand fireworks finale. Register at Beaver Creek Ski and snowboard school. Event starts at dusk. Beaver Creek Activities

Free things in Vail and Beaver Creek!


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